About Us

The Effective Websites Story

As with most businesses, Effective Websites emerged from a desire to solve a problem. With the internet moving at such an alarming pace, small & medium businesses are constantly fighting a losing battle to stay ahead of the curve. The story we face is always along the following lines: SMEs approach us with a website that is several years old and making changes is difficult, impossible to do themselves, or far too expensive.

That isn’t even the worst of it: all of these sites are gradually falling out of date, with no way to stop it! New technologies are constantly being developed, but for which new feature is it worthwhile building a whole new website for?

It made us ask the question: why should a business need to rebuild its website from the ground up every time a new change comes along? Why would a web designer wait for a client to request certain updates rather than anticipating that need? Why don’t all web design agencies have support teams dedicated to making all those necessary little changes? What happens to a client’s existing website when a web designer learns a new trick to make websites more effective?

And so, in January 2015, Effective Websites launched as TourismTiger with a mission to build great websites for tour and experience operators that are effective from day 1 and STAY effective in the years that follow.  Specializing in tourism, the company has earned a reputation for being industry leaders in both design and strategy. Now we’re expanding and using our tried and tested expertise to help other industries thrive. From a husband and wife team with a background in SEO, marketing, and design, has grown a dedicated team of innovative individuals who are constantly working to improve our websites around the initial guiding principles.

Our goal is to help your business thrive. Your website is the face of your business and therefore should be the cornerstone of your online profile. This means linking together your social media accounts and other business listings, and bestowing the level of certainty that implores your clients to build longstanding relationships with your brand. We aim to put your best foot forward, emphasizing your value offering, highlighting what sets your company apart, and presenting it all in a clear, appealing, and user-friendly way. Let us focus on the technical stuff so that you can focus on giving your customers an unforgettable experience.

Meet the Team

From website design specialists and content writers to web developers and website support experts, these are the people you’ll be getting to know well.

Leadership Team

Simon Steel

Head of Operations

Russel Astle-Coates

Director of Business Development

Sales & Marketing Team

Kristen Badali

Sales Executive

Stephanie Fiero

Marketing Manager

Web & Content Team

Gareth Tait

Web Team & Project Manager

Tim Jones

Web Coordinator

Imogen Key

Web Coordinator

Isabelle Feraudo

Web Coordinator

Andrea Marek

Web Coordinator

Design Team

Andrea Lopez

Lead Designer

Elliot Quintero



Andrew Simpson

Support Team Manager

Matthew Hendricks

Account Manager

Phil Bouchard

Account Manager

Alice Gushue

Account Manager

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Account Manager

Bora Duli

Account Manager

Gjergji Gjeci

Account Manager

Development Team

Saveliy Dzvonkevych

Lead Developer

Alex Shatunov


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